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About us

Remember the days when Hip-Hop was young? When DJ's would carry milk crates around filled with vinyl records? That energy you'd feel when your favorite MC rocked the mic is the same experience we want to you to feel when you shop with us. We represent the last great generation of lyricists and leaders. "I used to walk into department stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and other major big box stores and see a lot of "hip-hop" t-shirts but would have new class or "mumble" rappers representing the culture, and I took it personally and made it my mission to change that." "I'm not a hater. I just love my culture, and want to protect it."

We are hip-hop at its best. Where FUBU, Mecca, and the others left off, we pick up. Bringing you quality hip-hop since 1977. We do all in-house and contract designs, we collaborate with the actual artist to bring you nothing but authentic, real, and original apparel.

The Closet Junkies was created out of what some would call an obsession for......walk-in closets. Every place I've lived had to have walk-in closets, and one place had a two-story walk-in...HEAVEN. I never took any classes, or had any formal training to become a graphic artist, but I could draw, and could memorize patterns, and knew how to sew via machine and by hand. I saw a change happening to my culture and way of life that would effect the whole industry as I knew it. I graduated from Lakeland College, in Illinois with a degree in marketing and minor in English lit, that combined with my relentless hours of digesting every single word that came from Steve Stout's mouth, I created ImFamous Brandz LLC, as an urban approach to marketing and advertising via the social network and a special blend of "hood economics" and The Closet Junkies was my first project/client.  I took my daughter Micah, and brothers Wyze and Roc and moved on. With the support of my hip-hop family the legendary Grandmaster Caz, Brand Nubian's Lord Jamar, Talib Kweli and the mother of iconic producer J Dilla, Maureen Yancey, I have maintianed a strong brand and network, although I have to admit my real inspiration was Dapper Dan. BROOKLYN, WE HERE!!!!