About us

Remember the days when Hip-Hop was young? When DJ's would carry milk crates around filled with vinyl records? That energy you'd feel when your favorite MC rocked the mic is the same experience we want to you to feel when you shop with us. We represent the last great generation of lyricists and leaders. "I used to walk into department stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and other major big box stores and see a lot of "hip-hop" t-shirts but would have new class rappers representing the culture, and I took it personally and made it my mission to change that." "I'm not a hater. I just love my culture, and want to protect it."

What started out as Blac Cotton Clo. Co. in 2000, has grown, homegrown, lol. Stash started drawing t-shirts out of boredom. At some point friends and family wanted him to make shirts for special occasions,  parties, etc. When his cousins Legendary MC Brother Neves, and Mic Brass started the Supergroup out of Kansas City, Mo........Heet Mob also known as Basement Kemist, they came to Stash for their tour gear, and from there it took off.  It started as a team of brothers; Stash and Maximus, and as time passed, they parted ways to pursue different dreams. After a couple of years, Stash made the project public, he attempted a KickStarter but never finished it, and thus he just pushed it solo with a laptop, and a cell phone and it grew, and is still growing. With the support of his hip-hop family the legendary Grandmaster Caz, and the mother of iconic producer J Dilla, Maureen Yancey, and his older brother Wyze, Stash pushed on. With plans to open an official "Crates n' Closets" brick and mortar store in the coming future, and a pop-up shop in the next summer, things will be very busy in the Closet Junkies camp. Stay tuned for all the new changes and additions, plus the return of  WKYA's StashRoc : THE SHOW, the groundbreaking internet radio crew that brought you YelaWolf, Roc Flair and The Legion of Lyricists. 

Stash Madison is well regarded as the best in SEO and SMM in the 21st century. His intuitive and spontaneous tactics have created some of the most iconic brands and names in hip-hop and mainstream subcultures.